Cloud providers We partner With

We partnered with the best cloud infrastracture providers to make sure we provide reliable and quality servics to our Clients

Web Design & Web Hosting

Frame Works

We offer websites and web apps built on Django,flask,Angularjs,reactjs,laravel, Bootstrap ,wordpress, joomla,magento  and ruby on rails


All hosting we do it on SSDs ,offer VPS for clients who who need dedicated server , and the bandwith is unlimited for all our clients . We also offer free SSL and unlimited email acounts, Subdomains, parked domains and Addon domains

Hosting Services

Unlimited SQL,MySQL,PostGre,NoSql,and Mongo DB. Every Client has full access to cpanel .We offer load balancing and and CDN network for all our clients

Research Areas We focus on

We focus on making extensive research in areas of technology that keep our clients ahead of their competitors . Below areas research in progresive 

Quantum applications using IBM Q

Our team is focused on making classical computer applications run on quantum computers which will lead to to an amazing computing in future. Thanks to IBM Q Experience platform. It makes our  research a reality

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Artificial Intelligence  and Deep learning

We are constantly developing and testing AI models tailored for our customers. With different client business structure, every business demands its own model that satisfy it's needs. thanks to Tensorflow keras numpy matplotlib torch and scikit-learn 

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Network and Cyber Security

With great support from huawei Cisco and Ambuguity, our team continuously reasearching on new cyber attacks and how to protect our clients from emerging attacks. 

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BlockChain technology and applications

With the entire world diving into cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange, We allocated a team that entirely focus on building blockchain applications and system.  Contact us for a custom blockchain solution for your business.

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IoT Applications and Security

Nearly 24 trillions of iot devices on internet will be connected come 2025, with every individiual expected to own atleast 2 devices, this comes with a big task of securing them and against attacks misuse and privacy protection. Our IoT team research and keep our client ahead of any attack

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Smart Cities and Wifi 6

One of our core values is to provide the fastest internet connectivity so that our clients focus on other areas and save time for issues that nmatter most. the team constantly research on new devices and wireles fibre and wired technologies for our clients.

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Application & software development

We develop application for your business with the latest technologies to make sure your clients can reach you on any device they Use

Windows Store Apps

We develop custom windows 10 apps that your customers can download from windows store available on all windows 10 devices

Snap store Linux apps

With Linux desktops improving each day,and linux user base  increasing each day,we offer you an opportunity to reach your linux users buy building for you a custom  linux app that users can get directly from snap store and via apt-get. 

Android, IOS apps,WebApps,PWAs

With  Analytics trend showing an exponential growth of Mobile users  compared to other  devices, having a swift, nice and elegant app that perfoms to the user expectations is a MUST for all business entities. We build apps  wiith the latest technologises to make your customers feel previledged